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Cocoa Grounds celebrates all things cocoa. A place for you to relish your curiosity of every thing cocoa; with fun facts, games as well as chocolaty treats to cure your sweet tooth.
Located in North Bali, Cocoa Grounds is embedded with Balinese culture from its people to its décor, we give you a true Balinese experience.

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Not wanting to forget the true origin of those delectable chocolate treats. Cocoa Grounds continues to contribute to cocoa farmers.
Our vision is to be the go-to provider of all information relating to cocoa, a place to enjoy chocolate as well as an outlet to give back to the cocoa community.
Cocoa Grounds. Grounds for Chocolate without guilt.

The Founder

Cocoa Grounds was founded by Piter Jasman, owner of BT Cocoa, one of the largest cocoa processors in Indonesia who has deep passion for cocoa. He wants to share this passion with the larger Indonesian community by providing a place to learn and indulge, as well as an outlet to give back to the community.

The Team

Our dedicated team are true chocolate lovers, with the main focus of creating a great experience for our customers. We want customers to leave Cocoa Grounds loving chocolate as much as we do!



Cocoa Grounds Museum’s mission is to take you on a complete cocoa experience.
Located in North Bali, the museum oozes Balinese culture and tradition, with a modern twist. We aim to present information about cocoa in a different and unique way.

We start the journey by bringing you all the way to the Aztec era teach you about the history of chocolate.

Then we take you through chocolate is really made, from the bean all the way to the finished product.

After a live view of the our chocolatier in action, we take you to our glasshouse, to feel a 60° C room temperature, where our beans dried and cocoa warehouse to have a rare look into the cocoa process.


A place for you to relax and unwind, after a tour of our museum and warehouse complex.

We invite you to enjoy your choice of chocolate drinks and food. Our menu includes unique chocolate treats to cure your sweet tooth cravings.

Cocoa Grounds’ cozy ambience, with a modern Balinese twist offers a unique environment not easily found in North Bali.

Social Responsibility

Cocoa Grounds works together with BT CARE, a social outreach program created by BT Cocoa. With a focus on working with and providing assistance to cocoa farmers, Cocoa Grounds is excited to be a part of the movement.

With any purchase of Cocoa Grounds souvenir of minimal Rp 100.000,-, the customer is automatically donating 1 cocoa tree to our farmers,



Jl. Raya Temukus No.7
Singaraja - Bali